If you have been following the beginnings of my tiny house discovery/adventure, you may recall my mentioning an opportunity to stay at the “Royal Iris” in Mentone, Alabama. I had been wanting to go fall hiking for quite awhile so this 2-night getaway in the mountains was perfect! It was very last minute so there... Continue Reading →


A tiny house festivus for the rest of us! Well, not exactly, but I had the fun opportunity to attend my very first THOW (tiny house on wheels) Festival at Avondale Estates, GA last month. After joining several social media groups for THOWs and tiny lifestyles, I stumbled across the MicroLife Institute’s event and signed... Continue Reading →

Sorry to Disappoint: simply insightful ramblings of a 45-year-old

There seems to be a strange phenomenon that to be happy with our “new” life choices or relationships, we somehow have to keep tabs on the previous situation or relationship - like a temperature check just to make sure we are “winning.” Congrats to anyone who has that kind of time - I have important... Continue Reading →


A beach vacation was long overdue for me and my man this year. I also had a strong desire to try out Airbnb (not to mention I jumped on and was now driving the tiny bandwagon). Much to my delight, Airbnb had plenty of tiny house choices! Although I had never been to Alabama’s Gulf... Continue Reading →


PART ONE: PAIRING DOWN I can literally hear my sister’s vocal impression of Baloo whenever I think of this Jungle Book song. We always (to date) have fun singing the parts, my sis as the bear and me as Mowgli. True to Disney’s nature, they hid a much deeper message in those lyrics that didn’t... Continue Reading →

Sic Parvis Magna – My path to tiny

“Why don’t you just get an RV?” "I could never do that, it’s so cramped!” This has been the immediate response whenever I tell someone I’ve made the decision to live in a tiny house and adopt that lifestyle. I have come to realize that it does seem to be an odd declaration to make... Continue Reading →

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