FIND THE WINDOW – Featured Monthly Column

“Find the Window” was a monthly column in the Birmingham publication, The Leaf from 2015 – 2018.

*The Leaf magazine ceased publication in 2018 and is no longer hosted online. Articles are available in word documents using the links below.

December 2016 Column: Art of Letting Go

Letting Go

November 2016 Review: Reality TV

Mom Logo  Speechless Logo

October 2016 Column: Milestones


September 2016 Column: Enjoy the Process


August 2016 Column: Because of the Brave

M. Turner

July 2016 Column: The Chosen Ones

1_Chosen Ones

June 2016 Column: Coupon and go to Paris


May 2016 Column: Let’s Talk About Ex

vert. EX composit

April 2016 Column: Ordinary Hero

Anna Cline

March 2016 Column: Find the Window


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