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zoom picTammy Blue is a published writer, historian and editor. She received both her master’s degree (history) and bachelor’s degree (English/pro-writing) from The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB).

Tammy was the head editor for the 24th edition of UAB’s history magazine, Vulcan Historical Review which won 3rd place in the National NASH History Journal Contest (2021). She has plans to continue to research, write and publish her work which focuses on racial violence (lynchings), African-American studies, racial injustice and inequality.

When not writing, reading or researching, Tammy enjoys cooking at home and watching documentaries on Netflix and Prime. She also enjoys exploring, traveling, and live music. Tammy grew up in Danville, Pennsylvania and spent the next 20 years living in Los Angeles, Boston and B’ham. She is also an accomplished actress; starting out in theatre as a child and ending up being taught by one of Lee Strasberg’s finest students and teachers – Ernie Martin. Tammy worked in  TV/Films such as Almost Famous, Rock Star, Freaks & Geeks, Strong Medicine and Roswell. She also spent three years training and working as an animal handler having had the amazing opportunity to work with Animal Savvy on the film, Saving Angelo starring Kevin Bacon. At Hollywood Animals (owned by Brian & Vicki McMillian), Tammy worked with other exotics such as tigers, lions, leopards, grizzly bears – and the world’s most amazing elephant named “Nellie.”

Tammy is a budding activist for racial equality as well as a strong advocate for the hearing impaired. (She has dealt with a degenerative hearing loss her entire life). During her time at UAB, Tammy worked as a writing tutor at the UAB University Writing Center where she loved helping students. Currently, Tammy works for Jefferson County, Alabama in a Community and Workplace Development where she assists adults and youths who face employment barriers.

Tammy currently resides in Birmingham, Alabama with her rescue cats Samson and Delilah. She is an avid Boston sports fan. Go Patriots! Celtics! Bruins! Red Sox! – and of course – Blazers!

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