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Tammy Blue, another JCMP fellow from UAB, teared up while discussing Elizabeth Lawrence, a lynching victim she was assigned to research. “I took it very personally,” she said, her voice breaking. “I wanted Elizabeth to be someone I could speak for, because she couldn’t speak for herself anymore. I get emotional.”

Birmingham Watch – February 27, 2019

This Report Will Be Hard to Read – Birmingham Watch – Feb. 27, 2019

Tammy Blue, a graduate history student at UAB, said the project made her feel “a personal responsibility, for some reason … I’m also concerned about the people who stood by and watched, who encouraged it or did nothing. I feel a lot of that repeating in our world today, and I feel like we’re walking on a very dangerous road. I think that if we don’t acknowledge the things that have happened and have the ugly talks, then it’s never going to stop.”

Researching Lynchings was Disturbing, Eye-Opening for Students Who Took on the Project

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