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A beach vacation was long overdue for me and my man this year. I also had a strong desire to try out Airbnb (not to mention I jumped on and was now driving the tiny bandwagon). Much to my delight, Airbnb had plenty of tiny house choices! Although I had never been to Alabama’s Gulf… Continue Reading →


PART ONE: PAIRING DOWN I can literally hear my sister’s vocal impression of Baloo whenever I think of this Jungle Book song. We always (to date) have fun singing the parts, my sis as the bear and me as Mowgli. True to Disney’s nature, they hid a much deeper message in those lyrics that didn’t… Continue Reading →

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As a child, the fair I grew up with felt magical and gigantic. We all looked forward to the turning of the fall leaves and the opening of the Bloomsburg Fair! I feared the shuttle tram that never completely stopped when you were trying to get on and off. My sister and I were warned… Continue Reading →

Photo Tammy Blue


Although the big dream to live tiny is still in the very early stages, I realize the importance of thinking and planning ahead – especially with (physically) big purchases. It’s been clear for a while now that the mattress I purchased in Boston, circa 2014, was long overdue for replacement. It seemed an easy enough… Continue Reading →


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