A couple months back, I saw a documentary that completely opened my eyes. And not for the reasons I thought it would. What the Health? is a documentary produced and directed by Kip Andersen. It has already created quite a stir. At least in my own immediate family. I’ll confirm what you already know, it’s a... Continue Reading →



Today didn’t exactly turn out the way I expected. With it already being over 90 degrees before noon, I decided to head the campus gym for a swim. I knew I wouldn’t be able to do laps because the facility would have the “lazy river” and whirlpool activated for the kids. I made up my... Continue Reading →


I grew up in a fairly “small town,” so my first experience with the homeless didn’t happen until my family took me and my sister to NYC for her 16th birthday.  Stepping off the elevator in Port Authority, I, a mere 11-year-old, stepped over a bum laying on the floor.  I remember my sister later... Continue Reading →


My final article for The Leaf ended up having quite a fitting title. The lovely send-off at the bottom of my last column was a sweet surprise. I appreciated the opportunity I received to write for this magazine. There wasn't a better way to get to know Birmingham. Best of luck to the founder and publisher of... Continue Reading →


I had never been a real fan of social media platforms over the years.  However, like most writers must at one point tell themselves, I convinced myself it was a "necessary evil." So a few years ago I succumbed to opening a personal FB profile as well as a Twitter account. Although I had seen... Continue Reading →

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