A couple months back, I saw a documentary that completely opened my eyes. And not for the reasons I thought it would. What the Health? is a documentary produced and directed by Kip Andersen. It has already created quite a stir. At least in my own immediate family.

I’ll confirm what you already know, it’s a pro-vegan “propaganda” film. Except that it’s not. I’m not here to necessarily plug the movie, or preach a vegan lifestyle. It did however inspire me to challenge myself to a 14-Day Vegan Challenge. I wasn’t surprised by the scoffs and eye rolls, but I was quite shocked about something else. And it happened every time I mentioned it to someone.

“I could NEVER do that.” This was pretty much the exact response I got when I’d mention I was “going vegan” for two weeks. Much to everyone’s credit, no one said I wouldn’t be successful, they were simply just quick to dismiss their own ability to abandon meat for a short period of time. The strange thing was I never thought I would fail, but approached the experiment for what it was worth. Mainly I did it to see what all the fuss was about. I had eaten meat and dairy all my life but was considerably impressed by the points made in the documentary.

The fact that everyone I mentioned this challenge to immediately dismissed their willpower to skip the animal products – really concerned me. And honestly not even from a health standpoint – but a mental standpoint. Are we all too stuck in routine and habit, that we can’t even attempt a change for 14 days? Especially if it might improve our health?

I’m not preaching to “go vegan” (although I have cut read meat considerably, and hope to migrate closer to the vegetarian line), but any time we throw our arms up in the air and admit defeat before even trying – we are in serious trouble.

It reminded me of adding skills to my acting resume back in Los Angeles circa 1996. I was always told by those that “knew” the industry to never admit you couldn’t perform a special skill. “Just Say Yes” was the response, no matter what they asked you. And then you figure out a way to pull it out of your ass when you get the role.

That attitude needs to be applied to everything we do. Whether it’s a silly diet challenge or a major career goal – you’ll never accomplish it when you tell yourself you can’t. Tell yourself you WILL. Just say Yes.